Kate EN

Kate Domes

Director and founder of Kate the Great (KTG)

  • I came from the USA, the city of Columbus, Ohio. I have a master’s degree in child psychology, as well as extensive knowledge in the field of development of young children.

  • My childhood passed in the USA. And it was very happy. Preschool education in America does not limit children, but reveals their abilities.

  • I wish Russian children to have the same happy childhood that I had. Therefore, I founded KTG English club. This is a fully American pre-school education adapted for Russians.

  • Sometimes it seems to me that I really was transferred to my childhood in America. For example, when we knocked on houses in suits with children and parents on Halloween and asked for candies, which I distributed in advance to all the inhabitants of the village.

  • We draw graffiti on the wall, plant flowers, go fishing, dance, sing, celebrate American holidays.

Thanks to these activities, children can easily learn English. ❤️

Those who walk 5 days a week can maintain a lively conversationafter 3 months.