American preschool in Russia

Children start speaking in English after 3 months
Teachers are native speakers from USA, Canada, and Great Britain
All-round development for children 3-7 years old
Preparation for Russian school

You’ll have your own little translator while traveling.

ONLY native teachers

Children learn to speak English naturally – by being immersed in the English speaking environment

Comprehensive development through a variety of activities

Your child will learn English through singing, dancing, theater plays and science experiments

At our club we speak only English

Our students are motivated to speak with their teachers and classmates in English which leads to perfect pronunciation 

KTG American Club is complete American Preschool analog in Russia

Our goal is for your 3-year-old child to speak fluently at the native level.
After 3 months only, children understand English and can support the conversation.

We work according to our own methodology – American preschool education, adapted for Russian children. The child receives all the necessary knowledge through variety of activities: drawing, reading, songs, science experiments, games.

Children easily learn letters, sounds, know the colors and names of objects through games. They form responsibility and independence due to the fact that children of different ages are engaged together and help each other.

You’ll have your own little translator who understands the English language.

With languages, you're at home anywhere

Responsibility and independence

We teach children to clean up after themselves, get dressed for outside and treat peoples belongings with respect   

Fluent native English

From the ages of 3-6 years old children perceive any language like a native, if they are submerged in the correct environment


Happy memories for a lifetime

After visiting us, children dream of returning back again.

The opportunity to try different activities

We provide all-round development for the child through a variety of activities

Social adaptation

Children 3-6 years old are engaged together. The older help the younger ones, and the younger ones learn better from the older children.

The desire to take care of the younger

Older children like to help the youngest. It makes them feel like adults

Learning Plans

Full day group for children 3-6 years old

110000 100000₽ per month

5 days a week from 9:00 to 18:00 

First half of the day is only in english with native speakers

Second half of the day is preparation for school 

Art lessons

Music lessons

Speech therapist 

Early development

Half day- for children 3-6 years old

75000 65000₽ per month

5 days a week from 9:00 to 13:30

Children can understand simple english in 3 months

Learning through play  

Comprehensive development: singing, dancing, reading, drawing and math.

Lessons with native speakers

Healthy food

Full English submersion

Happy memories

What do parents think about KTG?

Kate (Director) worked as an English teacher for the children in our family for a year. The children were 3.9 and 7 years old. When Kate started work, the youngest daughter did not know English, and the eldest daughter knew a few songs and words, but could not speak English.

We were very surprised by the rapid progress in mastering the English language of our children. The youngest daughter began to speak sentences three months after the start of classes. By the end of Kate’s contract, our daughters spoke fluent English, acquired a huge vocabulary that helps them Express their thoughts without problems and communicate confidently with native speakers. They watch movies and cartoons in English and do not experience any problems with the perception and understanding of speech in English. The eldest daughter reads children’s books in English, and the youngest knows all the letters and began to read. Among themselves, the girls talk in most cases in English, which indicates the level of language proficiency and the absence of barriers.

This result is the merit of Kate, who very professionally built the learning process and interested the children. The whole process of learning was very interesting for children, as Kate always used an interactive approach and the application of various innovations. Children sang, danced, made interesting scientific and creative experiments, studied information about the world around us, played sports, made crafts with their own hands, went to museums and exhibitions and all this in English. Kate is a very creative and versatile person, which helps her to find contact with the child very quickly. The results of her work surprise and delight, and we can say with confidence that she is the best teacher we have ever met.

She has become a part of the family during her career and we are eternally grateful for everything she has done for us and our children.

Oksana – Polina and Alena’s mom

Good evening!!! I would like to especially thank Your team who gave so much joy to our daughter with their work!! She You from the entire souls loved and here is already a host day us many tells as was all miraculously and interestingly!! It was our first such experience and we are glad that it was a success !! We believe that Mile was a good assistant to You, and did not cause problems!! We sincerely wish Your excellent company to spend all the camp shifts Interesting and exciting for children !! We wish you to be lucky with the weather and all the pre-planned managed to implement!! We will advise you to your friends and acquaintances !! Thank you for your work!!

Alla – Emiliya’s mom

In our family to the question of learning English approach is very serious. Therefore, for a long time we selected a school for our daughter. Neighbors advised to go to the club Kate the Great. And now for several months Lisa is happy to go to classes, and we are no less happy to watch her progress.

After the first trial lesson doubts have disappeared: the entire second half of the day the child sang songs in English and spoke some words. Now she can easily say a few phrases, sing a song completely, understands the speech addressed to her (of course, at the level of knowledge).

What I really like in our school (as Lisa herself calls classes), is an individual approach to the child. Teachers take into account the characteristics of the character and level of knowledge. A lot of creative tasks, walks, interesting activities (including with parents), learning in an easy way, a constant change of activities. The child runs with pleasure to classes.

As a mother, I like the relationship between parents and administration / teachers. Always ready to listen, go to a meeting, give recommendations or just tell in detail how the day went and what interesting things the child did today.

And the holidays deserve special words: this is the American Easter, and festive concerts for parents, and events with partners. Everything is at the highest level. Found gifts from Easter my daughter still has favorite toys.

Ekaterina, Liza’s mom

We learned about KtG from the haircut salon for children in Riga Mall. Called, answered Kate herself, I was immediately bribed. We agreed on a free lesson and a day later I came with three children (4, 5 and 6 years) for a trial lesson. The children loved it. Me too. We could not practice every day, the children are still engaged in hockey. We decided to go 3 times a week. All three of us were brought in the morning from February to June and Lyudmila sent the children by taxi back to the house. It was convenient. Children immediately began to call each other at home objects in English, they suddenly pop up phrases from songs in English, they really like walks and when there is an opportunity to play different games. Many thanks to the team of KtG and personally Kate for customer focus and love for the kids!

Sergey – Emily, Sylvan, and John’s (father)

Our lessons

We not only teach English, but also help the child to develop comprehensively.

We learn one letter per week

Learning goes through a variety of classes: we draw a letter, sculpt, teach the sound through different activities. We play songs and fairy tales. During the week, the child fully masters the pronunciation and spelling.

Fast progress in reading and writing

We learn to read and write with the red group. Every student at KTG has the ability to further develop their knowledge.You’ll be amazed how talented your child is.

What make us unique?

We strive to create a perfect childhood. Children are never bored because we make science experiments and play interactive games every week which broadens their knowledge of our world  

Math made simple

Your child will spend the majority of their day with us therefore in addition to learning English we make it our goal to prepare your child for all the subjects in school, including math. Students at KTG won’t notice how fast they learn their numbers because our program is simply too much fun!

WhatsApp_Image_2019- (1)

We perform, dance and sing.

We dress up like superheroes or heroes of fairy tales. Or arrange a puppet theater. We also learn songs in English, which children then enjoy singing at home. 

We arrange magical holidays

For the new year, our club turns into a magical forest, with Santa and even a live deer. And on Halloween, we are in costumes, with children and parents, walking around the village and collecting sweets handed out by residents.

WhatsApp_Image_2019- (2)

Colorful race in painted t-shirts

We run around, sprinkled with natural hypoallergenic paints in T-shirts, which they themselves painted.

Kate Domes

Director and founder of Kate the Great (KTG)

  • I came from the USA, the city of Columbus, Ohio. I have a master’s degree in child psychology, as well as extensive knowledge in the field of development of young children.

  • My childhood passed in the USA. And it was very happy. Preschool education in America does not limit children, but reveals their abilities.

  • I wish Russian children to have the same happy childhood that I had. Therefore, I founded KTG English club. This is a fully American pre-school education adapted for Russians.

  • Sometimes it seems to me that I really was transferred to my childhood in America. For example, when we knocked on houses in suits with children and parents on Halloween and asked for candies, which I distributed in advance to all the inhabitants of the village.

  • We draw graffiti on the wall, plant flowers, go fishing, dance, sing, celebrate American holidays.

Thanks to these activities, children can easily learn English. ❤️

Those who walk 5 days a week can maintain a lively conversationafter 3 months.

Discover future opportunities for your child now!

Book a place in our club and speak English without an accent


Miss Maria


My name is Maria and I’m from Toronto, Canada. After being raised there I decided to study in the International Economic University in Moscow. Here I’ve been teaching English to children from ages 2 - 13 and I love my job. I make sure that every child in my classroom feels as safe, loved, and understood as they do with their parents and caregivers. The personal relationship I build with each child is the foundation that allows the learning to occur. We treat each child as our own at KTG and want them to be the best English speakers out there.

Fun facts about me:

1) I can make really good cookies

2) I can eat a whole watermelon

3) I love Zumba!

Mr. Vladimir

Chess Teacher

Кандидат в мастера  по шахматам.3-кратный чемпион Звенигорода, ''Звенигородская осень-2009'' -1-е место, "Одинцовская осень-2019"-1-е место.Преподавал шахматы в Доме детского творчества г.Звенигорода.

Miss Larisa


Закончила КГПИ, дефектологический факультет .
Школа «Останкино» по специальности- телерадиоведущая.
Логомассаж - социально-гуманитарный институт.

Постановка звуков, развитие связной речи, развитие  грамматической стороны речи, развитие фонематического слуха (ФФН).
Индивидуальная  работа с детьми с речевыми нарушениями: ЗРР, ОНР, ЗПР, аутизм, У.О., ДЦП

Подготовка к школе ( обучение грамоте, чтению, звуко- буквенный анализ. Логопедический зондовый  массаж.
Профилактика и исправления дисграфии и дислексии.

Miss Elizaveta

Piano Teacher

Закончила с отличием МССМШ (колледж) им. Гнесиных по классу фортепиано.

Лауреат международных конкурсов.

Участник мастер классов в Вене (Австрия). Гастролировала во Франции и на Мальте.

Пианист, композитор, педагог со стажем более 10 лет.

Miss Ann


В 2012 году я получила диплом бакалавра по специальности "Экология и природопользование"

В 2013  году сдала IELTS и уехала в университет в Праге, Сhezh University of Life Sciences

В 2015 году получила международный диплом на английском языке по специальности "Природные ресурсы и окружающая среда.

В 2017 я решаюсь уехать в Тайланд и попробовать себя не только в репетиторстве, но и в преподавании в школе, там я задерживаюсь на 7 месяцев в частной школе в роли учителя английского, там же и получаю международный сертификат TOEIC (850 баллов)

По приезду из Тайланда в 2018, решаюсь не заканчивать азиатскую эпопею и отправляюсь в Китай еще на полгода, но уже в роли преподавателя детям младшего возраста. Там я и прошла обучение по американской методике преподавания.

Вернувшись в Москву, я вернулась и к преподаванию в английском клубе KTG, где я работаю до сих пор.

В 2021 году получила сертификат TKT (Band 3) by Cambridge

Miss Nadezhda

Преподаватель ИЗО

У меня Высшее педагогическое образование. Закончила институт М.Е.Евсевьева.

На уроках рисования с детьми я стараюсь услышать и воплотить желания детей. Дети любят узнавать что то новое, поэтому мы часто рисуем природу и живой мир  так же опираясь на фантазию ребенка раскрывая его индивидуальность.

На занятиях мы применяем разные техники рисования и росписи, занимаемся пластилинографией.  За счёт того что на занятиях мы в игровой форме подходим к созданию творческих работ, то занятие проходит быстро и не заметно для детей.

Miss Anastasia

Воспитатель. Подготовка к Школе и Ранее Развитие

Давайте знакомиться, меня зовут Анастасия. Каждый человек должен заниматься своим любимым делом. Я - учитель в KTG.

По образованию учитель начальных классов, на данный момент повышаю квалификацию в СПбГИПСР, на факультете психологии. Основы психологии помогают понять возрастные особенности детей дошкольного возраста, чтобы подобрать индивидуальный подход к каждому ученику. Я работаю по авторским методикам.

Все занятия проходят в игровой форме,  так как это ведущая деятельность в дошкольном возрасте.

Мы развиваем: речь, память, мышление, воображение, учимся читать, знакомиться с окружающим миром, решаем арифметические и  логические задачки.

Большое внимание уделяется непросто умением "читать-писать", но и навыкам самостоятельности, концентрации, умение доводить начатое до конца, работать в команде,  обращаться за помощью к взрослым и друзьям, т.е. занимаемся развитием.

Моё педагогическое кредо: "Чтобы быть хорошим педагогом, нужно любить то, что преподаёшь, и любить тех, кому преподаёшь".

Mr. Chris

English Teacher

How can you contact us?

Our address: 1st entrance, 2nd floor , 121 Derevnya Piskovo, Park Avenue 

Moscow Oblast, Russia 

Our phone numbers: 

+7 (926) 974 0246 ( Kate Domes – Owner)

+7 (925) 090 0022 ( Ludmila, Secretary)