Starting from september 1st

Information about Full day at KTG

What is included in the full-day program?

from 9-13: 30 Your child is completely immersed in the English environment and then smoothly returns to Russia.

In the afternoon, we have classes with a speech Therapist, lessons in art, music, cooking, etiquette and Russian language from teachers with proven experience.

IZO lessons develop fine motor skills, and this is the stimulation of the areas of the brain responsible for thinking , speech , visual and motor memory.

Speech Therapy lessons involve the development of not only all components of speech, but also the development of attention, perception, memory and thinking.

Preparation for school : we learn to count, compose and solve mathematical problems, write and read, study the world around us, learn the traditions and culture of our native land.

We care about your child’s development!

KTG English club – you relax, and we do all the work.


Full day at KTG ( English part + Russian part) 9:00-18:00

95000 85000

Half of the day from 9:00-13:30 ( Only english part) 

65000 55000

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