Testimonial 2

In our family to the question of learning English approach is very serious. Therefore, for a long time we selected a school for our daughter. Neighbors advised to go to the club Kate the Great. And now for several months Lisa is happy to go to classes, and we are no less happy to watch her progress.

After the first trial lesson doubts have disappeared: the entire second half of the day the child sang songs in English and spoke some words. Now she can easily say a few phrases, sing a song completely, understands the speech addressed to her (of course, at the level of knowledge).

What I really like in our school (as Lisa herself calls classes), is an individual approach to the child. Teachers take into account the characteristics of the character and level of knowledge. A lot of creative tasks, walks, interesting activities (including with parents), learning in an easy way, a constant change of activities. The child runs with pleasure to classes.

As a mother, I like the relationship between parents and administration / teachers. Always ready to listen, go to a meeting, give recommendations or just tell in detail how the day went and what interesting things the child did today.

And the holidays deserve special words: this is the American Easter, and festive concerts for parents, and events with partners. Everything is at the highest level. Found gifts from Easter my daughter still has favorite toys.

Ekaterina, Liza’s mom

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