Testimonial 4

Kate (Director) worked as an English teacher for the children in our family for a year. The children were 3.9 and 7 years old. When Kate started work, the youngest daughter did not know English, and the eldest daughter knew a few songs and words, but could not speak English.

We were very surprised by the rapid progress in mastering the English language of our children. The youngest daughter began to speak sentences three months after the start of classes. By the end of Kate’s contract, our daughters spoke fluent English, acquired a huge vocabulary that helps them Express their thoughts without problems and communicate confidently with native speakers. They watch movies and cartoons in English and do not experience any problems with the perception and understanding of speech in English. The eldest daughter reads children’s books in English, and the youngest knows all the letters and began to read. Among themselves, the girls talk in most cases in English, which indicates the level of language proficiency and the absence of barriers.

This result is the merit of Kate, who very professionally built the learning process and interested the children. The whole process of learning was very interesting for children, as Kate always used an interactive approach and the application of various innovations. Children sang, danced, made interesting scientific and creative experiments, studied information about the world around us, played sports, made crafts with their own hands, went to museums and exhibitions and all this in English. Kate is a very creative and versatile person, which helps her to find contact with the child very quickly. The results of her work surprise and delight, and we can say with confidence that she is the best teacher we have ever met.

She has become a part of the family during her career and we are eternally grateful for everything she has done for us and our children.

Oksana — Polina and Alena’s mom

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