Bilingual preschool

English program

The author's program is designed for the first year of preschool and it’s suitable for children from 3 to 5 years old.
The teachers are native speakers. Children learn to build grammatically correct sentences and adopt a proper accent on an intuitive level.
Almost all of our games and handbooks are from the USA. Over four hundred children's books, hundreds of games and educational toys will provide a fun alternative for your child in our country.
A creative and interactive environment where almost everything is handmade, based on early childhood learning experiences and the needs of each little explorer.
During the first half of the day your child will enjoy a variety of activities aimed not only at learning a language in the classical way but also at learning a language while exploring the world. Only with us, after a couple of months your child already has a Survival level!
We are sensitive to the needs of the child at every age. Every habitual and ordinary skill is very important for every toddler. We pay attention to the all-round development of our students. That's why every day has the complex: learning a new language, physical aspects (fine and gross motor skills), logic, thinking, orientation in space, the first mathematical aspects, socialization, development of speaking skills, manners, self-care skills, moral and ethical values and much more.
We take one letter of the alphabet each week already from the first year of preschool! After only one school year the child knows all the letters of the English alphabet, can name their sounds, recognize upper and lowercases, spell them and identify these letters in the words.
The atmosphere of the green group is filled with love! The child learns the world through interesting and fascinating games and we help them in that. Every child loves to come to us to spend another day of fun playing inside and outside, socializing, and meanwhile to learn so many new things!
Movers/ Flyers
Author's program designed for the second year of study. It is suitable for children from 5 to 7 years old (after successful first year; based on the test results).
The methodology is aimed at successful admission to English-speaking and bilingual schools.
Extended conversational practice with native speakers allows your child to have a conversation on any topic allowed for children under 7 years old.
After successful completion of the program the child does not think about the answers they give. Students speak as in their native language.
The phonetic basis is the Jolly Phonics play methodology designed to teach preschoolers to read, write and speak in English. With daily lessons using this method, a child can be reading briefly in English already in 4-6 months. *The authors of Jolly Phonics are Sue Lloyd and Sarah Wernham, elementary school teachers at Woods Loke School in England.
Your child will learn 42 English sounds (phonemes) that have 90 ways to spell already in the second year of education! All this without memorization and long hours spent at the desk.
In addition to phonics and conversation practice your child will learn a comprehensive approach to other aspects of the language. Determining the number of syllables in words, merging and blending letters and sounds, understanding what vowels and consonants are and being able to recognize them, spelling easy words (CVC) and harder words, being able to easily identify plurals and singulars, and much, much more.
Your child will learn about parts of speech and word order in a sentence. Will be able to identify countable and uncountable nouns. And also correctly put the sentence in the affirmative, interrogative and negative form.
At the end of the school year we prepare students for the Cambridge exams (Starters, Movers, Flyers), which are the basis for many schools not only in Russia but also abroad.
In addition to language development our program takes into account physical, emotional, creative, social and cognitive development. And we haven't forgotten to add so important basics like safety and self-care!
Despite the extensive program our motto is "Play is child’s work". So play is integrated into all phases of learning. Our students consider KTG English club as their second home and carry this positive experience through the years.
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