Bilingual preschool

Full-day program

The benefits of being bilingual go beyond the ability to communicate in another language. Bilingualism gives kids a broader perspective of the world.

The first half of the day is dedicated to the English language. Children are immersed in the language environment through games, songs, stories and interactive activities, which promotes natural and relaxed English language acquisition.

The program is designed for the children to not only learn new words and grammar but also gain an understanding about the cultures and traditions of the English-speaking countries.
The second half of the day is devoted to the Russian program which includes the study of the Russian language, literature, history and culture. Children are introduced to Russian folk tales, holidays, customs and traditions, which helps them better understand and appreciate their roots and identity.

Both programs are aimed at developing speech, writing, reading, as well as learning about cultural and historical heritage.
Combining English and Russian programs in one full-day program allows children to harmoniously develop bilingualism, which is an undoubtedly an advantage in today's multicultural world.

Bilingual education promotes cognitive development, improves memory and attention and builds respect for different cultures.
Importantly, this program gives children the opportunity to learn languages and cultures in a natural way, making the learning process interesting and effective.
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